DB Schema Upgrade Procedure

Use the DB Schema Upgrade procedure on BigFix Platform version 10 or later to upgrade an existing WebUI installation to use the WebUI with Microsoft SQL Server or the IBM DB2.

Allow adequate time for the WebUI service to start following the installation; index construction and other process need to complete before you can use the WebUI.

Before you start:

  • Review the WebUI deployment and hardware requirements, and verify that your environment is ready. For example, if the database account permissions are not correct, the WebUI will not start correctly.
  • Complete the BigFix Platform installation to V10 or later, including the WebUI service. For more information, see the BigFix Installation Guide.

DB Schema Upgrade Procedure

Before you deploy the database schema update Fixlet, make sure that there are no delayed updates pending for any WebUI applications. The Fixlet will not be relevant if you do not have the current sites. This is a particularly important check for customers with air gapped deployments, or who use the Delayed Update function.

  1. On the BES Support site, locate and run the Fixlet Deploy/Update WebUI Database Configuration.