Installing BigFix PlugIn Portal

The PlugIn Portal provides the server infrastructure for MCM and BigFix Mobile.

MCM and BigFix Mobile requires the PlugIn Portal and one or more MDM PlugIns to be installed in the PlugIn Portal.

Installing the PlugIn Portal

To install the PlugIn Portal as a service on a BigFix client, For instructions on PlugIn Portal installation and base configuration, see Installing the PlugIn Portal. This installs the BigFix PlugIn Portal on the selected targets.

The PlugIn Portal is typically installed in the following directories:
  • Windows:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Plugin Portal
  • Linux:
    • /var/opt/BESPluginPortal
    • /opt/BESPluginPortal
  • You might have several PlugIn Portal in your environment; but on a specific target computer, you can have only one.
  • You can have only one Windows MDM plugin, one Apple MDM plugin, and one Apple MDM plugin in an MDM deployment. Therefore, if you are using two PlugIn Portal, for example, each PlugIn Portal can contain only one MDM Plugin (Windows or Apple).

The PlugIn Portal needs an MDM PlugIn to work for MCM. The MDM PlugIn installation becomes relevant only if there is a valid PlugIn Portal present on the system. The local BigFix client evaluates the Tasks periodically to check if they become relevant.