Installing the MDM Plugins

You need MDM Plugins to set up a connection between the MDM Servers and the BigFix Plugin Portal. MDM Plugins communicate with the MDM Server through REST APIs and the AMQP protocol using client certificates. You can find instructions on setting up MDM Plugins through BESUEM tasks in this section. For instructions on setting up through WebUI, see WebUI User’s Guide.

Before you begin

Ensure that the server host is running the Plugin Portal and BigFix Agent is running locally. For details about installing the BigFix Client, see Installing the BigFix components.
  • Two versions of the MDM Plugins are available: macOS and Windows.
  • The tasks require credentials, specifically from cacert, the client cert, and the client key that is generated from BESAdmin. For details, see MDM SSL certificates

The next step is to run the Install BigFix Plugin for MDM on macOS task or Install BigFix Plugin for MDM on Windows task to install the appropriate plugins on target computers.