Planning the installation

Read this section before you begin to install or update any of the MCM or BigFix Mobile product features. Effective planning and an understanding of the key aspects of the installation process can help ensure a successful installation.

The BigFix MCM/Mobile solution is composed of the following BigFix infrastructure components:

  • BigFix Platform
    • Enterprise Server
    • BigFix WebUI
    • BigFix DMZ Relay

  • BigFix PlugIn Portal
    • BigFix PlugIn for Windows
    • BigFix PlugIn for Apple
    • BigFix PugIn for Android

  • BigFix MDM server
    • Windows MDM service
    • Apple MDM service
    • Android MDM service

There are two deployment options for the BigFix MCM/Mobile infrastructure:

  • On-premise: All infrastructure components deployed within the enterprise network, with the MCM server components typically deployed in the enterprise demilaterized zone (dmz).
  • Hybrid: For the hybrid deployment, the BigFix MCM/Mobile infrastructure is deployed in the cloud (HCL Now) and connected to an on-prem Bigfix Server.

Web based configuration tools are provided for both deployments options. These are mutually exclusive deployment options - the On-premise instructions do not apply to the Hybrid deployment and vice versa. Once deployed, the management tasks and day-to-day operation of BigFix MCM/Mobile is done via the BigFix WebUI.

The BigFix PlugIn Portal and BigFix MDM server will have one or more PlugIn’s and MDM services configured based on product license entitlements and/or uses cases to be exercised eg. a BigFix Mobile deployment is only entitled to deploy the Android and Apple BigFix PlugIns and MDM Services.

The hybrid deployment requires an internet facing BigFix DMZ relay.

The following sections in this guide assume that the BigFix Platform components are already installed. For details on installing BigFix and its components, see BigFix Installation Guide.