Adding a new product to software catalog

The software catalog consists of a list of standard software products. Use the Add Product feature to define a custom product with the accompanying information, such as a publisher name, license metric and release.

Before you begin

An icon representing a user. You must have the View Software Catalog and Signatures and Manage Licenses permissions to perform this task.

About this task

You can add a custom product to the software catalog to ensure it contains all your business applications. You can later use the new product during software classification.


  1. Log in to Products & Metrics, and go to Reports > Products & Metrics.
  2. Hover over the Add icon Add icon, and select Add Product.
  3. Provide the publisher name. If the publisher already exists in the software catalog, you can search for it, and select it from the drop-down list.
  4. Provide the product name. The product name must be unique for the publisher that you provided in step 3.
  5. Select a metric from the list. To search for a metric, type the metric name in the search bar.
  6. Provide the release of the product. By default, this field is set to 1.0.
  7. Click OK. You will be notified about product creation.
  8. Wait for the scheduled import of data, or run it manually. You cannot add new products during the import. Thus, if you plan to create more than one product, first create all products and then run the import of data.


A new line is added on the Products & Metrics report. You can now use the newly created product to classify your software. The newly created product is available on all reports after the import of data is successfully completed.

What to do next

To assign components to the new product, go to Reports > Software Classification, select the components, and reassign them. For more information, see: Assigning components to products.

To delete the catalog entry that you create for the product, see: Deleting custom catalog entries.