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Welcome to BigFix Inventory documentation, where you can find information about how to install and configure BigFix Inventory. The application provides you information about your inventory and the license metrics. You can manage your software assets, gather information about your hardware, and ensure license compliance of your enterprise using BigFix Inventory.

BigFix Inventory provides new predefined vendor-specific report feature with a quick access to discovered software assets and licensing information about different vendors. To learn more about vendor-specific predefined reports, refer to Vendor-specific predefined reports.

From version 10.0.7, BigFix Inventory supports discovery of software in Docker container images. From version 10.0.8, Software Data Harvesting Tool, an optional support is introduced. The support is part of BigFix Inventory Catalog Enhancement Program. The tool supports better software discovery for the endpoints. From version 10.0.9, new template signature types are supported. Version 10.0.10 provides improved discovery for Mac software in BigFix Inventory.

Important: This documentation applies to BigFix Inventory application updates 9.2.1 through 10.0.13. Supported BigFix platform versions 9.5 and 10.

Starting from BigFix Inventory version 10.0.9 or higher, BigFix Inventory supports BigFix version 11. To upgrade to BigFix version 11, you must first upgrade to interim version 10.0.9 or higher of BigFix Inventory. For more information, see, software requirements for BigFix version 11.

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