Enterprise applications inventory

Software components are discovered during software scans. The scans correlate data that is collected from the computers with the content of the software catalog, and thus determine whether a component is installed. However, software scans do not discover details of some enterprise applications, for example licensable options of Oracle Database or editions of Microsoft Exchange. The details are discovered by dedicated fixlets. If you are interested in discovering additional details of enterprise applications, run the dedicated fixlets apart from scheduling software scans. Otherwise, running the fixlets is not required.

Software identification tag files for enterprise applications are stored in the following directories:
  • BESClient/LMT/SAP
  • BESClient/LMT/MS/exchange
The software identification tag path that is provided in BigFix Inventory shows the product installation path, and the tag name.

9.2.9 Starting from application update 9.2.9, the software identification tag path and installation path are shown separately on condition that the paths are different and the tag contains information about the installation path. Paths to software identification tags discovered before version 9.2.9 might also be updated after the upgrade on condition that sufficient data is available.