Changing end of support date

9.2.11 Available from 9.2.11. Set or change the end of support date for your software components to have a comprehensive overview of your software inventory.

Before you begin

An icon representing a user. You must have the View Software Catalog and Signatures permission to perform this task.

About this task

BigFix Inventory Server is provided with pre-populated end of supports dates for selected vendors. For the available EOS dates, refer to the BigFix Inventory Release Notes.

It is possible to change the existing date or define the missing dates using this procedure.

Perform the below steps to change the end of support date:


  1. In the top navigation bar, click Reports > Software Components.
  2. Select one or more components for which you want to set the end of support date. You can select up to a 100 rows at a time.
  3. Hover over Edit, and click Change End of Support.
  4. Choose the end of support date, and click Change.
  5. Optional: To clear the end of support date, remove the date, and click Change.


You set the end of support date for the selected components.

9.2.12 Starting from application update 9.2.12, end of support date is also displayed on the Software Classification report.

From BigFix Inventory version 10.0.15, an additional file that includes a list of custom End of Support data that failed to be migrated in the Software Catalog update process is available. The additional file provides information about the lost data, the timestamp when it was lost and the Software Catalog version in which the data was lost.

If the custom end of support date fails to be restored, the log is appended in lost_custom_lifecycle_data.csv file located at <BFI_install_dir>\wlp\usr\servers\server1\data\sam path.

The data is stored in the following format:​

“2023-11-06 11:50:11 UTC”,””,”Adobe:Acrobat Reader:6.0:2023-11-30”​
“2023-11-06 12:50:11 UTC”,””,”Adobe:Adobe Acrobat Capture:5.0:2024-05-11”​

What to do next

You can use end of support dates to filter and sort the report. You can also create a saved report view that is filtered by the specified information, and enable notifications that are triggered when specific criteria are met.