Catalog customization process

The process of adding custom signatures to the software catalog requires careful planning and consideration. It starts with identifying products that you expect to discover but are not reported or are missing from the software catalog. To correctly identify components of software products in your infrastructure, ensure that your software catalog is always up-to-date. ​Next, you should organize your work to ensure that the most important products are given the highest priority. Then, you determine what files or packages can be used to detect the software and report its usage. Finally, you can create the signatures.

Periodically import a new HCL catalog that contains the most recent signatures. ​Also, manually add components that are installed in your infrastructure but do not have corresponding entries in the catalog.​

Note: BigFix Inventory is intended for software inventory and license management. It is suggested that you extend the software catalog for those purposes only.

Process input

The input to the catalog customization process is a list of software products that you want to be discovered. The list can be based on the general knowledge of your environment and the procurement data. As the discovery, monitoring, and license management of every software product require extra effort, target products on the basis of license expenses. Focus on a few selected products and adopt an iterative approach instead of trying to work on all products simultaneously.

Required skills

A set of skills that are helpful during the creation of the custom catalog content includes:
  • General knowledge of the software products that are used in your company, their architecture, and licensing models
  • General knowledge of the operating systems on which the software is installed

There are two types of the software catalog ​

  • Catalog provided by HCL that contains signatures for a range of software from various vendors, such as Microsoft or Oracle. It also includes license information for IBM products and template signatures.​

  • Custom catalog maintained by an end user that contains signatures created manually to discover software for software items not contained in the catalog provided by HCL.​

See also, Template signature support for catalog management