Web Services Explorer

The adoption of web services to perform more critical online transactions has resulted in the urgent need to audit and assess these applications for security vulnerabilities. You can use the Web Services Explorer to launch the Generic Service Client (GSC) tool, where you can view the various methods incorporated in the web service, manipulate input data, and examine feedback from the service.

The Web Services Explorer uses the service's Web Service Description Language (WSDL) file to display the individual methods available in a tree format, and creates a GUI for sending requests to the service. (For details, see the separate Web Services Explorer Help available from the Start menu.) You can use this interface to input parameters and view the results. When you are finished, you can upload the results package to AppScan® Enterprise Server to be included as part of a scan. When the scan is run, the results are analyzed and tests are created for the web services you have explored.

Note: Some of the functionality described in the Web Services Explorer Help might not apply when working through AppScan Enterprise Server.