Identifying custom error pages so the scan recognizes them

Custom error pages are used on websites to ensure that a user does not hit a "dead end" when they encounter a broken link. Instead, the error page guides the user to another page, such as a home page.

About this task

To ensure valid report results, you must configure AppScan Enterprise to recognize these pages so that when they are encountered by a scan job, they are recognized as broken links. When identifying custom error pages, you can enter a page title, a page URL, or any content that is displayed on the page. Regular expressions are supported for all three methods.


  1. Go to the Custom Error Pages of the content scan job. If you do not see the custom error page you need in the list, click Add (Add).
  2. On the Create Custom Error page, select the type of custom error and enter the URL, page title, or page content, as text or as a regular expression describing your custom error page. Prefix regular expressions with regexp:, and click Create.
    Note: Searches are not case sensitive.