Finding more content

An XRule is an XML script used to enhance the scanning of your website or application and to search the database for information that has been collected by a scan. When using it to enhance the ability of the job to scan a site, an XRule can find links inside a Flash file, find dynamically-created links inside JavaScript™, or get past a login routine.

XRules can search for a control name, such as password or userid, pages with credit application terms that also have spousal discrimination terms, the occurrence of profanity, copyright symbol usage, or even for the collection of a social security number by a form. When you filter the data collected by a scan, the data itself remains intact. It is the report results that are altered by the filter.

XRules are created from a template, which satisfies most user requirements (including the previous examples). XRules are global because after they are created, they are available to any job. They can be created from a job or from the Administration tab (Administrators only).

What you need to know when applying an XRule

When you apply an XRule filter, there are a few things to consider:

  • The time that it takes to scan your website or application increases when you add a new filter. If the XRule is attached to another job, then it has likely been rerun and would not increase scan time. The amount of time that the scan increases depends on the purpose of the XRule and how it was written.
  • When scanning a website or application in another language, ensure that the server hosting the content scan agent has all Windows™ language packs installed on it.