Creating XRules from templates

XRules originate from built-in templates. XRules are global, so if you make changes to an XRule it will affect all jobs and reports that use the XRule.

About this task

Learn more about creating XRules from templates:

XRules originate from built-in templates. An XRule template is suitable for searching the scan data stored in the database.

The XRule templates give you the ability to search within the following items on any Page or PageComponent:

  • Personally Identifiable Information
  • Plain text
  • Code (all HTML or XML tags)
  • The IMG tag
  • The FORM tag
  • The ANCHOR tag
  • The META tag


  1. Go to the Advanced Options > Xrules page of the content scan job and click the Create icon (Create).
  2. On the Create XRule page, give the XRule a Name and Description.
  3. In the Rule Type field, select the kind of template:
  4. Enter a Search term as text or as a regular expression (prefixed by regexp:).
  5. Select the applicable options for the search and click Create.

What to do next

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