Handling login and logout pages

Configure how the scan handles the login and logout pages of a web application. Use a login sequence to follow a complex login process or enter regular expressions for detecting logout pages that the scan will encounter. Logout pages are identified to prevent the scan from logging out of the application or website prematurely.

About this task

The Login Management page lets you select one of two methods for AppScan® to use when it encounters login pages during a scan:
  • Recorded login: Recording a login sequence lets you teach the scan the procedure for logging in to your site: which links to click, which text to enter in forms, and the order in which to do them.
  • Automatic: If AppScan will be able to log in to the site using a name and password only, without a special procedure, select this option and enter the user name and password.


Go to the Login Management page of the content scan job and choose a login method:

What to do next

Authenticating to the website