Retesting a security issue

Retesting a security issue provides a quick way to verify that you have indeed fixed an issue. Rather than running an entire job to see results, you can select one or more issues that you have fixed and retest them right away.

Before you begin

Learn more about security retesting:
  • By default, the Retest column is hidden in the report display. It will display after you mark an issue for retest.
  • You can cancel the retest at any time.
  • Issue retesting is affected by any blackout periods applied to the domain the issue is located in.
  • If the retest fails or is canceled, the issue Status column will revert to its original status.
  • You cannot retest issues from an AppScan® Results import job (from AppScan Developer or AppScan Standard) because AppScan Enterprise does not have the data from the AppScan job stored in the database; just the test results.
  • You cannot retest issues discovered during a malware test.
  • You cannot manage an issue that is being retested. You can either wait for the retest to complete or cancel.


  1. Go to the report that contains the security issue:
    • Security Issues
    • Remediation Tasks
    • Security Risk Assessment
  2. Select the check box for the issues you want to retest.
  3. Select Retest from the Action field and click Apply. The screen will refresh and display the retest column and display the progress of the retest.
    Note: If you want to cancel the retest action at any time, those tests that have not yet been retested will be canceled and the issue Status will revert to the original state.


When security issues are marked for retesting, they can pass through various states.

These states include:

  • Pending (The retest is waiting in a queue. Issues are retested one at a time.)
  • Running (The retest is executing.)
  • Canceling (The retest is being canceled by user request.)
  • Completed (The retest has completed successfully and the results are updated in the Status column.)
  • Incomplete (The test did not complete successfully.)
  • Blackout (The issue retest was paused until the blackout period is over, at which time it will be retested.)