Configuring scanning for privacy statement links

It is important that a website visitor can easily determine how data is going to be used when a website asks for information. A website's privacy policy will describe why data is being collected, who will be given access to the data and what types of rights the website visitor has regarding that data after it is submitted. Providing a link from a page that contains a form collecting personal data to the privacy policy governing that data is the best way of providing information to the user when they need it.

About this task

To scan for privacy statement links, create a specific XRule and then add the Pages Collecting PII without Privacy Statement Link report to a report pack.


  1. Go to Administration > XRules > Create XRule.
  2. On the Create XRule page, give the XRule a meaningful Name.
  3. Select the Search links in page rule type.
  4. Select the Display text check box, and enter the text that displays to users, such as "privacy".
  5. Leave the Only enable XRule if it is required by a job or report option selected.
  6. Select the This rule defines a privacy statement link check box and click Create XRule.
  7. Add the Pages Collecting PII without Privacy Statement Link report to the applicable report pack.
  8. Run the content scan job that contains the new XRule, and then run the report pack.
  9. Run the Privacy Dashboard.