Adding additional servers and domains to the scan

To account for additional domains and multiserver environments, add any additional servers and domains to the scan's What to Scan page.

Before you begin

To determine which additional domains exist on your site, perform an initial scan and consult the Website Architecture Report, which shows the external and internal domains that are being referenced by a site.

About this task

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You can include additional URLs that have different base addresses from the starting URLs in your scan. For example, might be a Starting URL, but if you want to scan, which has a different base address, add it as an additional domain to a scan. If you do not add, it would not be scanned because it would be considered an external domain. Domains internal to the scan are all those that appear on this page.

Servers and domains are managed on a global basis; they are available to all jobs in your installation. Domains are automatically added to the scan if they are included in the Starting URL, but if the domain that you are looking for cannot be found, you can add a new domain to the global list and include it in the current job, or you can add domains through Record Login Sequence or Manual Explore.


  1. Go to the content scan job's What to Scan page, expand the Additional Servers and Domains section, and click the Add Domain icon (Add Domain).
  2. On the Add Domain page, click the Add icon (Add Domain).
  3. On the Create Domain page, enter a domain name and click Create.
  4. Complete the Edit Domain page and click Save.
  5. On the Add Domain page, select the domain you just created and click Add to add the domain to the content scan job.

What to do next

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