Completing web forms automatically

Use Automatic Form Fill to supply a content scan job with values for form fields that it encounters. Using the field values that you provide, the scan can continue uninterrupted to discover more URLs and content for analysis.

About this task

The Form Fill Parameters and Values table on this page will automatically be populated by any parameters and values detected during a Manual Explore or Recorded Login session. The Automatic Form Fill page is pre-configured with names and simulated values for many typical forms, such as age, email, city, and country or region. You can also add any custom form names and values that are specific to your website to this list.


  1. Go to the Automatic Form Fill page of the content scan job.
  2. Select Enable Automatic Form Fill and choose an option.
    • With all forms
    • Only with non-Javascript forms
    • Only while executing Javascript to discover URLs and dynamic content
  3. Click Save.

What to do next

Identifying custom error pages so the scan recognizes them