To choose a location for a dynamic view storage directory

About this task

Tip: Use this procedure only while creating a view. You can also change the location of an existing view storage directory.


  1. While you are creating a view , on the page of the wizard that asks you to choose a location for a view (or in UCM, while joining a project, the page that asks you to specify a view tag), click Advanced Options.
  2. In the Advanced Options window, do one of the following:
    • Select Use Explicit Path and provide a path to a directory on an HCL VersionVault host. Use this option for best performance.
      Windows tip: Provide a UNC path to a shared directory.

      The first time you create a view with the wizard, a template is presented:


      To locate the view storage directory on your computer (recommended), replace <share> with the name of a shared directory on your computer. For example:


    • Select Use Server Storage Location. If your administrator created more than one location, one is selected at random. You can choose a different one if you prefer.