About snapshot view characteristics and operating system type

For snapshot views, the operating system type from which you create the view determines view characteristics; the operating system type that hosts the files and processes related to a snapshot view do not affect the behavior of the view.

For example, it is possible to create a snapshot view from a Windows® host and locate the view directory tree and the view storage directory on an HCL VersionVault host on Linux or the UNIX® system (assuming that you use vendor software to access Linux file systems from Windows® computers). Although all files related to the view are on the Linux or UNIX® workstation, because you created the view from a Windows® host, the view behaves as if its files are located on a Windows® computer:

  • Case-sensitive file lookups are not performed in the view.
  • The view does not create symbolic links if the load rules encounter a VOB symbolic link.
  • You can issue HCL VersionVault commands for the view only from Windows® hosts. (HCL VersionVault hosts on the Linux and UNIX® operating systems do not recognize the directory tree as a snapshot view.)