Before accessing snapshot views across different platforms

In your organization, you may be able to access snapshot views on a different type of platform from the one on which you work.

Accessing Linux or UNIX views from Windows® hosts

A set of vendor products are supported for accessing Linux or UNIX file systems from Windows® computers. If your organization uses one of these products, you can access Linux or UNIX snapshot views from either HCL VersionVault Windows Explorer or Windows® Explorer (or a command prompt) just as you would access any other directory tree on a Linux or UNIX workstation.

You can access snapshot views across different platforms, but you cannot issue HCL VersionVault commands across platforms. For example, you cannot check out files in snapshot views on Linux or UNIX workstations from HCL VersionVault hosts on Windows® computers, nor can you create shortcuts to snapshot views on Linux or UNIX workstations from VersionVault Windows Explorer.

If you are on an HCL VersionVault host running on a Windows® computer and you hijack a file in a Linux or UNIX snapshot view, the hijack is detected when you update the view from an HCL VersionVault host on Linux or a UNIX platform.

Accessing Windows® views from Linux or UNIX hosts

Products for accessing Windows® file systems from Linux or UNIX workstations are not supported.