Guidelines for using a view tag (UNIX system and Linux)

The way you use the view tag is different for each type of view:

  • For snapshot views, a default view tag is provided, based on the following convention:


    You do not refer to the view tag when performing most HCL VersionVault operations. Instead you usually refer to the path of the view.

    The root directory of the snapshot view contains a file, .view.dat, which provides information that is used to perform operations on the files in the view. When the .view.dat file of the view is found, it can determine the view tag of the view. (If you delete the .view.dat file inadvertently, you can regenerate it.)

  • For dynamic views, the view tag is the only name you use when performing most HCL VersionVault operations. After setting (activating) a dynamic view, you use the view tag to refer to the root directory of the directory tree of the view. For more information, see the pathnames_ccase reference page in the VersionVault Command Reference.