About dynamic view storage directories

Every view has a view storage directory. For dynamic views, this directory is used to keep track of which versions are checked out to your view and to store view-private objects. The view storage directory is for HCL VersionVault administrative purposes only. Do not modify anything in it.

The size of the view storage directory depends on the following factors:

  • Whether you use the clearmake (or omake on Windows® systems only) build auditing and build avoidance features

    For more information, see the clearmake or omake reference pages in the VersionVault Command Reference.

  • The size and number of view-private files

On the UNIX system or Linux®, to create a dynamic view, you must provide a path for the view storage directory of the view.

On Windows® systems, the first time you create a dynamic view, the wizard provides a default path for the storage directory. Click Advanced Options to provide a different path for the view storage directory. The location you choose becomes the default for other dynamic views that you create.