Before assigning a dynamic view to a drive (Windows)

On a Windows system, if your makefiles or other files require absolute paths, assign your view to a drive. When you use a wizard to create a view, you have the option to assign the dynamic view to a drive. If you want to change a drive assignment, or if you want to assign a drive to a team member's view, you can create or modify a drive assignment while adding a view shortcut to HCL VersionVault Windows Explorer.

In addition, you can create or modify drive assignments from Windows® Explorer. Any changes that you make to drive assignments outside VersionVault Windows Explorer invalidate the view shortcuts in VersionVault Windows Explorer.

Path differences

In Windows® Explorer, you can access from the dynamic-views drive (by default, drive M) any dynamic view that is started on your computer. However, when you access a view from the dynamic-views drive, its path includes one more component than when you access a view from an assigned drive.

For example, both of the following paths are available to an element in the pat_v1.4_cropcircle dynamic view that is assigned to drive H: