Before moving a dynamic view storage directory

Each dynamic view includes a view storage directory, which is used to maintain the view. Do not use the standard methods to move a view storage directory for the following reasons:

  • The view storage directory includes a database. Moving the database without first shutting down the view_server process for the view can corrupt the database.
  • The location of view storage directories is stored in a set of HCL VersionVault registries. The information in these registries must be correct for you to perform HCL VersionVault operations in your views. In a dynamic view, the location in HCL VersionVault registries must be correct for you to access any file or directory in the view.

Ask your HCL VersionVault administrator to move view storage directories because it might affect other, potentially many, HCL VersionVault users at your site.

Attention: You will lose data (including view-private files in a dynamic view) if you move a view storage directory without following the procedure described in the Help.
Tip: For information about changing the view tag of a view (which is the logical name for a view), see the mktag reference page. You can also change the drive assigned to a view.