Managing licensing for HCL VersionVault

Products in the HCL VersionVault product family implement an active-user floating-license scheme.

Product-specific licenses are used as users run programs or issue commands. If, after a certain period, no commands are used, the license can be taken by another user. Details of how this scheme controls user access to HCL VersionVault are available on the clearlicense command reference page.

To configure licensing, you must select a licensing model, and then complete any required installation and configuration processes to manage licenses using the selected model.

HCL Licensing

In the HCL Licensing model, you map license entitlements that you have purchased to a license server. You then configure HCL VersionVault and HCL VersionVault MultiSite to use the license server.

Atria Licensing

For Atria Licensing, you should have received Atria license strings from your HCL account representative. Your license agreement also determines if you have Atria Licensing with overdraft enabled.

Asynchronous Licensing

Asynchronous licensing is faster for the end-user in the normal case where a license is available because VersionVault does not wait for a response from the license server.

License entitlements are established as part of purchasing the product.