Configure Atria Licensing for VersionVault

You can select the Atria Licensing method during the installation process for HCL VersionVault.

For Atria Licensing, you should have received Atria license strings from your HCL account representative.

During the installation of VersionVault, you are prompted for the information about your license server. In Installation Manager, on the Common Configurations panel, the following licensing options are displayed:

Select any one of the following options:
  • HCL Licensing: See Configure HCL Licensing.
  • Atria Licensing for VersionVault: When you select the Use the Atria Licensing for VersionVault option, the HCL Licensing section is disabled. You can enter the Atria Licensing details using the following options:
    • On a remote host: Enter the name for the remote host in the Enter remote host name (required) text box.
    • On my local host: Enter the license key for the local host in the Enter license keys (required) text box.
  • If you want to install the same version of both HCL VersionVault and HCL Compass simultaneously, then both the HCL Licensing and Atria Licensing for VersionVault sections are displayed on the Common Configurations panel.
    • If you select the HCL Licensing section, then this licensing is applicable for both the products.
    • If you select the Atria Licensing for VersionVault section, then, while the HCL Licensing section is still enabled, it is for Compass.
  • Compass does not have an Atria Licensing for VersionVault section because it only supports HCL Licensing.
  • HCL Licensing is shared between VersionVault and Compass, therefore you would still enter HCL Licensing information for your Compass installation, if appropriate.

Atria Licensing with overdraft

With HCL VersionVault installed with Atria Licensing and depending on your licensing agreement, you can have soft and hard limits for the number of licenses available for your organization. For example, you might have a soft limit of 1,500 licenses with a budget for an overdraft of 150 licenses. These numbers are determined by your licensing agreement.

Once the soft limit is reached (in our example above, 1,500 licenses), log information is created that tells you when you are above the soft limit and below the hard limit.

The clearlicense command reports on the number of licenses in use that provides a breakdown of those under the soft limit and those under the hard limit.

The license strings shown by clearlicense output for HCL VersionVault have an overdraft field. The value can be zero if the license does not support overdraft licensing.

The license_overdraft_log is located in the standard VersionVault log file location. This log file is only present on HCL VersionVault hosts that are acting as Atria license servers.