Configure Asynchronous Licensing

You can select the Asynchronous License Acquisition component during the installation process for HCL VersionVault. It only needs to be installed on the client as it alters the way the client handles obtaining a license.

With asynchronous license acquisition, VersionVault does not wait for a response from the license server. When a response arrives, the result is processed by a background process. Asynchronous Licensing is faster for the end-user in the normal case where a license is available.

If the result is a failure, then the next license request from VersionVault displays an abbreviated error message on why the license check failed. This license acquisition method puts the full error message in a log file for the VersionVault administrator. The full details of the failure can be examined using cleartool getlog lad from the command-line interface.

By comparison, with synchronous license acquisition, VersionVault waits for a response from the configured license server. Any license error messages (license expired, all licenses in use, or similar) displays directly to the user.

How to deactivate Asynchronous Licensing

To deactivate Asynchronous Licensing, use Installation Manager to modify the VersionVault installation and deselect the Asynchronous License Acquisition component.