HCL VersionVault MultiSite installation

Review requirements and other considerations to consider when planning the installation of the HCL VersionVault MultiSite.

  • HCL VersionVault MultiSite can be installed only on a host running HCL VersionVault at the same version level.
  • You do not have to install HCL VersionVault MultiSite on all HCL VersionVault computers. In most cases, only the following computers require installation:
    • Computers on which one or more replicated VOBs are hosted.
    • Computers that belong to users with HCL VersionVault and HCL VersionVault MultiSite administration responsibilities.
    • Computers on which the shipping_server utility is used, even if no replicated VOBs are hosted on that computer.
      Note: Running shipping_server does not require an HCL VersionVault MultiSite license.
  • If you plan to host ACL-enabled VOBs in a mixed environment, review the Set up ACLs on new and existing VOBs.