Configuring your environment after deploying

For some types of HCL VersionVault and HCL VersionVault MultiSite hosts, you must complete some configuration tasks after you have installed the products.

Table 1. Checklist of post-installation requirements
Requirement Client


Information Comments
Complete the installation on a registry server host Server Completing the installation on a registry server host
Verify installation on individual hosts Server Verifying installation on individual hosts
Optional. For Linux and Solaris systems: Configure automounting of VOBs Client


Automounting VOBs
Review the HCL VersionVault administration information to learn about configuring and managing your environment. Server Administering HCL VersionVault
Configure the VersionVault WAN server Server Administering the VersionVault WAN server Enable WebSphere administrative security and application security. Review VersionVault WAN server administration documentation for information about managing the server.
Optional. Review information about configuring and managing your HCL VersionVault MultiSite and environment. Server Administering HCL VersionVault MultiSite
Customize the client host environment Client Customizing a client host environment for HCL VersionVault Make sure client hosts can access resources such as the VersionVault manpages for command help, text editors, graphics tools, and other utilities that might be required for HCL VersionVault processing.
Optional. Set up ACL-enabled VOBs Server Set up ACLs on new and existing VOBs Complete this task if you want to provide ACL authorization for VOBs and VOB objects. ACL enforcement requires VersionVault client and server software.
Optional. Set up integrations with independent software Server Integrating HCL VersionVault with other productsFor information about integrations for Microsoft Visual Studio, and Cadence Virtuoso, see these topics: