Enabling WebSphere application security

Before you begin

Administrative security must be enabled prior to configuring application security.

About this task

Perform the following steps to enable WebSphere application security.


  1. In a browser, connect to: http://server:port/hcl/console where port is the "Administrative console port" in /profile_root_directory/logs/AboutThisProfile.txt.
  2. Log in with administrator credentials (administrator security must be enabled for this profile).
  3. Navigate to Applications > Application Types > WebSphere enterprise applications > ccrc.
  4. Select Security role to user/group mapping.
  5. Select the box under Select for the administrator role.
  6. Click Map Users.
  7. Select the relevant realm, and then click Search.
  8. Add users to the administrator role for this profile by selecting a user under Available, and then clicking the right arrow.
  9. Click OK. The selected users are displayed alongside the administrator role.
  10. Click OK and then click Save.
  11. Restart the profile.