Views and view administration

A view provides a workspace where users access versions of file and directory elements that are under HCL VersionVault control. Views can also contain view-private file system objects (such as ordinary files and directories) that are not under HCL VersionVault control.

Any HCL VersionVault development environment requires one or more views. A typical view is created and used by an individual or perhaps by a small group working on a common task. Other views—for example, UCM integration views—may be created by a project leader or administrator and shared by many users. Various administrative responsibilities are associated with views:
  • View creation and access control
  • Backing up and recovering views
  • Moving, removing, and managing the storage used by views
There are three kinds of views:
  • Dynamic views use the MVFS to provide transparent access to versions of elements in the VOB and also view-private objects. Dynamic views also support HCL VersionVault build auditing and build avoidance tools and can contain derived objects (DOs). Developers work in dynamic views when they want immediate access to the latest versions of elements on a given branch or when they need to take advantage of audited builds and build avoidance. Dynamic views provide more functionality, require more frequent use of the network, and need more administrative support than other views.
  • Snapshot views use the host's native file system to hold copies of versions of specified elements and also view-private objects. Snapshot views do not support build-auditing and build-avoidance tools. Developers work in snapshot views when they want a simplified environment for editing, compiling, and debugging (even when disconnected from the network), do not need immediate access to the latest versions of elements, and do not need audited builds and build-avoidance. Snapshot views provide less functionality, require less frequent use of the network, and need less administrative support than dynamic views.
  • Web views are similar to snapshot views, but are created and accessed through the HCL VersionVault Web interface.

The mkview reference page has additional information about views.