Moving VOBs and relocating VOB data

HCL VersionVault includes tools for moving data and metadata to another VOB and for moving entire VOBs to another disk or host. You may need to use these tools to reorganize VOB directories, redistribute data storage, or rebalance server loads.

Important steps to take when moving any VOB

The procedures described in these topics differ in various ways, but the following considerations apply when moving any VOB.
  • Unless you are moving a VOB between Linux or the UNIX system and Windows®, or to another Windows® domain, make sure that the ownership and access control information for the VOB storage directory is preserved when the directory is copied. Most file-system copy utilities, especially those that run on Windows®, do not preserve this information. If this information is changed during the copy step of the VOB move procedure, the VOB cannot be used in its new location until you fix the protections on the VOB storage directory. Several programs that can correct damaged file-system protections on VOB storage directories are included in HCL VersionVault. For more information, see Repairing storage directory ACLS on NTFS.
  • All of the VOB move procedures in this section preserve the original VOB storage directory. You must rename the VOB storage directory before you restart HCL VersionVault on the source VOB server host. Otherwise, the VOB continues to be available at its old location, which can cause a variety of problems for users who try to access it. After you are certain that the VOB can be accessed at its new location and that its contents are intact, you can delete the renamed VOB storage directory.
  • If database snapshot backups are enabled for the VOB, use the vob_snapshot_setup program to disable them before you begin the move and enable them again after the move is complete.
  • Scrub the VOB’s pools to reduce their size before moving the VOB.
  • If you use UCM and are moving a PVOB and one or more component VOBs, move the PVOB first, and then move the component VOBs.
  • Ask users who are working in dynamic views to unmount the VOB before you begin any VOB move procedure. They can remount it after the procedure is complete.