HCL VersionVault network administration in mixed environments

An HCL VersionVault environment that includes hosts that run Windows and hosts that run the UNIX system or Linux is said to be a mixed environment.

Whenever an HCL VersionVault community includes users who access a common set of VOBs and views from computers running a mix of operating system platforms, most or all of the following requirements must be addressed:
  • Common user and group names and common primary group memberships on each platform for all users and groups that access a common set of VOBs and views
  • Cross-platform file system access, which is required when a dynamic view (MVFS) hosted on a Windows® client must access a VOB or dynamic view hosted on a computer running Linux or the UNIX system
  • Client configuration issues and file naming conventions that address differences among the supported operating systems in areas such as case sensitivity, line termination in text files, and characters that are allowed in file names
If you are the administrator of an HCL VersionVault community for which only one of the following conditions is true, then these requirements do not apply.
  • All hosts run Windows
  • All hosts run the UNIX system or Linux