Configuring cross-platform file-system access

HCL supports the use of several vendor software products with HCL VersionVault to enable Windows® computers to access the file systems of computers running Linux® or the UNIX® system. This capability is required when dynamic views on Windows® access VOBs or dynamic views on Linux® or the UNIX® system. For more information, see Cross-platform file-system access. Two types of products are supported:
  • NFS client products, which run on Windows® clients and use the NFS protocol to access Linux® and UNIX® file systems.
  • SMB server products, which run on servers running Linux® or the UNIX® system, and use the SMB (or CIFS) protocol to provide Windows® clients with access to the server's file system.

These topics explain how to configure currently supported vendor software file system access products. For the most recent information on supported products and versions, contact HCL Customer Support.