Automounting VOBs

HCL VersionVault supports automounting Versioned Object Bases (VOBs). This feature is relevant to users of VersionVault dynamic views only. VOB automounting can be configured on Linux and Solaris systems only.

Automounting VOBs is an optional feature that changes the fundamental assumption that all public VOBs are always mounted. (The default behavior for the mounting of VOBs has not changed. The behavior changes when you enable the automounting of VOBs.)

Read these topics fully so that you understand how automounting of VersionVault VOBs might impact your VersionVault usage.

When automounting is configured as described, all public VOBs are no longer mounted when VersionVault is started on a host. VOBs are mounted on demand, when users or applications refer to a VOB pathname. This setup is a per-host configuration. Each VersionVault client and server host can be configured as appropriate for its use case.

For a VersionVault installation with many VOBs, the default behavior of mounting all public VOBs at VersionVault start-up can take noticeable time to complete and generate a burst of requests to the VersionVault registry server. Automounting VOBs eliminates these events, enabling VOBs to be mounted only when they are required.