Completing the installation on a registry server host

To complete installation of a registry server host, you must create a VOB-tag password file on that registry server host.

About this task

Whenever you enter a command that creates a public VOB tag, you must enter a password specific to HCL VersionVault. This password is validated by comparing it with the contents of the VOB-tag password file on the registry server host. The path to the file is /var/adm/hcl/versionvault/rgy/vob_tag.sec.
  • Windows:
  • Linux and UNIX:


  1. Log on to the registry server host as the root user.
  2. Using the versionvault-home-dir/bin/rgy_passwd command, create the VOB-tag password file.
    For example:
    # versionvault-home-dir/bin/rgy_passwd
    Password: (Enter password)
  3. To verify that the registry is working, run the cleartool lsregion command on another host that is configured to use this registry server host.

What to do next

If you upgraded HCL VersionVault from a previous release and installed in a new directory, restore the registry server configuration and client data files from backup.