HCL VersionVault Explorer installation planning

Install the HCL VersionVault Explorer web client to access and modify resources under HCL VersionVault source control through dynamic views or web views.

HCL VersionVault Explorer can be used to access:
  • Dynamic views, when HCL VersionVault is installed on the client machine. A format of the client is installed as part of the HCL VersionVault installation. Other formats can be installed separately when required.
  • Web views from the HCL VersionVault Remote Client, when you have access to a VersionVault WAN server.
The HCL VersionVault Explorer technology is packaged in three formats:
  • HCL VersionVault Explorer, a standalone self-contained application
    • Installed (and updated) using IBM® Installation Manager
    • Installed as part of the HCL VersionVault client install
    • Installed separately on client machines without HCL VersionVault, for HCL VersionVault Remote Client use.
    • Optionally integrates with supported versions of Microsoft Visual Studio
  • HCL VersionVault Explorer for Eclipse, which integrates HCL VersionVault Explorer functionality into Eclipse. This is installed (or updated) using Eclipse Update from an update site available on a VersionVault WAN server

Planning for HCL VersionVault Explorer or HCL VersionVault Explorer Extension installation

You must set up a shared location from which users can access and install HCL VersionVault Explorer. The remote client and the Extension are provided as IBM® Installation Manager offerings that are separate from the VersionVault offering. The shared location setup for the HCL VersionVault Explorer offerings requires the same steps as the shared location setup for HCL VersionVault: preparing shared locations for an enterprise deployment.

After shared locations are set up, users can install or update the HCL VersionVault Explorer or HCL VersionVault Explorer Extension.

Users of web views on computers without an HCL VersionVault installation must install or upgrade HCL VersionVault Explorer separately.

Planning for HCL VersionVault Explorer for Eclipse installation

When you install HCL VersionVault with the VersionVault WAN server, an update site is installed on the server machine. To install the HCL VersionVault Explorer for Eclipse, users access this update site using the Eclipse Update Manager in Eclipse versions 4.6 or later.