Verifying user permissions in Cognos

Verify that your implementation of CJAP is working as expected.

Before you begin

Cognos authentication is based on cookies. To execute these tests, delete the Cognos cookies and open a new browser window when you switch between users.

About this task

To verify user permissions, complete the following steps.


  1. Log in to Cognos by using an account with the Report_User_Role role.
  2. Verify that this user has the following access:
    • No access to IBM Cognos Administration.
    • No access to the public folder that you secured.
    • The Cut, Paste, and Delete buttons are disabled.
    • Can copy but can paste only in the user’s folder under My Folders.
    • Can add a folder under My Folders but not under Public Folders.
  3. Verify that the members of Unica Platform groups that you specified in the properties file are in the expected groups and have the expected permissions.
  4. Use the following information to help resolve problems:
    • If reports are not accessible to a user, verify that the user has either the Report_User_Role or the Reports_System_User role in Cognos.
    • Enable logs in the property file by providing the path to the log file.
  5. In Cognos Configuration, navigate to Security > Authentication and, in the namespace you used for CJAP, set the Selectable for authentication? property to False.