Securing public folders

To ensure that you control access to public folders in Cognos, complete this task on all public folders, including the folders created for each Unica product reports pack.

About this task

Note: In the example below, fff represents any public folder that must be assigned to a user group in your namespace.

To secure public folders, complete the following steps.


  1. Select Set properties of fff folder and click the Permissions tab.

    By default, permissions are the EMM_Report_Access_All_Users group permissions that you provided for all folders.

  2. Click the Override the access permissions acquired from the parent entry check box and specify a different group as follows:
    1. Click Add, click your namespace, click Groups, and click Select, and add your desired group.
    2. Add your desired group and click OK.
    3. Remove all other groups and grant the desired permissions to the new group.
    4. Click OK.
  3. Verify that users in the selected group have the expected access to the folder. Verify that users who are not members of the group do not have access to the folder.