Configuring the new namespace provider in Cognos

Configure a new namespace provider in Cognos for CJAP.

About this task

To configure the namespace provider, complete the following steps.


  1. In Cognos Configuration, navigate to the Security > Authentication folder.
  2. Add a Namespace resource to the Authentication folder.
  3. Give the namespace a name.
  4. Select Type > Custom Java Providerand click OK.

    This creates a namespace for the security CJAP.

  5. Select the namespace and enter the name you gave the namespace as the ID for the provider.
  6. Enter for the class name.

    Ensure that there are no leading or trailing spaces.

  7. Set the Selectable for authentication? property to True for test purposes.
    • True allows users to log in to Cognos by using Unica credentials.

      External users can log in without a password, so this is not recommended for production.

    • False means that the namespace is not available for authentication on the Cognos UI, but the Unica integration will work.

      After you complete testing, change this setting.

  8. Log in to Cognos under the new namespace with an Unica account that has the Report_System role in Unica.

    The URL is similar to http://host:port/ibmCognos/cgi-bin/Cognos.cgi

    If you see the Cognos application, the authentication provider is working.

  9. In Unica, navigate to Settings > Configuration and set the Reports | Integrations | Cognos 10 | Autentication namespace configuration property to the same name you set in Cognos.
  10. Verify that the Cognos reports are running correctly in Unica.