Removing the CJAP implementation from your environment

Complete this task only if you implemented CJAP security and decided to roll back your environment to use the Unica Authentication Provider.

About this task

To remove CJAP implementation, complete the following steps.


  1. Reverse the following steps that you performed to implement CJAP:
    1. Restore the file from your backup.
    2. To synchronize the property file, select Settings > Sync Report Folder Permissions in the Unica user interface.
    3. Add the Cognos Administrators role to the Everyone group in the Cognos namespace.

      When you configured CJAP, you removed this role from the Everyone group in the Cognos namespace. You must add it back or Cognos will have no users with administrator permissions. If that occurs, you must set up a new content data store database, or restore the content store from the backup database.

  2. Stop and restart the Cognos service.