How to implement CJAP security

To implement CJAP security, complete the tasks in this section in the order shown.

Before you begin the implementation tasks, read this topic to understand the special considerations that might apply to your environment.

Authenticated mode

When you configure the Unica Authentication Provider, you can set the value of the Authentication Mode property by selecting either authenticated or authenticatedPerUser.

If you selected authenticated, all users are authenticated using the same user account. Note the following considerations when you use the authenticated option:

  • By default, the user account that the system uses for authentication is Cognos_admin. When you implement CJAP authentication, it is a best practice to give the Cognos_admin user the ReportUser role in Unica.
  • You do not have to perform the following tasks. These tasks apply only when you select authenticatedPerUser for the Unica Authentication Provider.
    • Giving all Reports users read-only permissions in public folders
    • Securing public folders
    • Verifying user permissions in Cognos