Editing and synchronizing the property file

The property file determines which groups in Unica are duplicated in Cognos. Edit the property file to specify the Unica Platform groups that you want to synchronize into Cognos.

Before you begin

Design the reports access in Unica Platform by creating groups, associating them with roles, and making users members of these groups.

Stop the Cognos service. Restart the service after you edit the properties file.

About this task

To edit and synchronize the property file, complete the following steps.


  1. Browse to \webapps\p2pd\WEB-INF\AAA\lib\ under your Cognos installation.
  2. Open ReportSecurityConfig.properties in a text editor.
  3. To set the properties, follow the instructions in the file.

    For example, you might set the properties as follows:

    • useFolderSecurity=true
    • createEMMProductReportGroupsToSecureCognosReportFolders=Campaign

      In Cognos, sub folders are created under the folder you specify here.

    • createCampaignReportsSyncFolderPermissionGroups=true
    • createUserGroupInCognosSameAsPlatformGroup=Test_grp

      Groups you specify here must exist in Unica Platform.

    • createUserGroupInCognosWithPlatformUserRole=User_Defined_Role01

      Roles you specify here must exist in Unica Platform.

  4. Restart the Cognos service.
  5. To synchronize the property file, select Settings > Sync Report Folder Permissions in the Unica user interface.