Giving reports users read-only permissions in public folders

Make users with the Unica Platform ReportSystem and ReportUser roles members of the EMM_Report_Access_All_Users group. Give members of this group read-only access for the public folders in Cognos.

About this task

Note: The EMM_Report_System_Admin_User group has system administrator permissions in Cognos. To grant an Unica user this level of permissions in Cognos, make that user a member of the EMM_Report_System_Admin_User group.

To give reports users read-only permissions in public folders, complete the following steps.


  1. In Cognos Connection, click the Set properties for Public Folders icon.
  2. On the Permissions tab, click Add, click your namespace, and click Groups.
  3. Add the EMM_Report_Access_All_Users group from your namespace.
  4. Remove all other roles and groups from the permissions.
  5. Grant Read, Execute, and Traverse permissions.
  6. Deny Write and Set Policy permissions.
  7. Click OK.