Install and test IBM® Cognos® BI

Your license agreement with must grant you an Cognos® BI license so you can download the Cognos® BI installation files. IBM Cognos® BI is a collection of applications, servers, and services that is organized in a multi-tiered architecture.

IBM Cognos® BI applications

When you use IBM Cognos® BI with the Unica suite, you use the following subset of Cognos® BI applications:

  • IBM Cognos® BI Server provides storage for reports, folders, queries, metadata models, and the Content Manager.
  • IBM Cognos® Connection is a web application that you use to import, configure, and schedule reports. The application also provides access to the following components:
    • Cognos® Viewer displays the reports in your Unica applications.
    • Report Studio allows you to customize and create reports.
    • Cognos® Administration allows you to configure data sources.
  • IBM Cognos® Framework Manager is the metadata modeling tool that you use to configure and customize the Cognos® data model that supports the IBM Cognos® BI reports for your Unica application.
  • IBM Cognos® Configuration is the configuration tool that you use to configure individual Cognos® BI components.

Supported databases

This table includes the supported databases for Cognos reports for the products.
Products Databases
Unica Campaign Oracle, SQL Server, DB2,
Unica Deliver Oracle, SQL Server, DB2,
Unica Interact Oracle, SQL Server, DB2,
Unica Plan Oracle, SQL Server, DB2,
Unica Collaborate Oracle, SQL Server, DB2,