Reporting schemas for extra audience levels or partitions

You can create reporting schemas for extra audience levels and partitions.

You might want to create additional reporting schemas for the following reasons:

  • You want to report on more than one audience level. You can create reports that present data for more than one audience level or add filters that prompt users to specify one of several audience levels. Therefore, you need schemas that point to an additional set of contact and response history tables.
  • You configure reporting for multiple partitions and you need to implement different schema customizations for each set of partition system tables.

Before you begin, determine the following information.

  • Which reporting schemas to create:
    • For Campaign: Campaign Offer Response Breakout, Offer Performance, Campaign Performance, Offer Contact Status Breakout, and Campaign Custom Attributes
    • For Interact: Interact Performance
  • The names of the tables for this audience level:
    • For Campaign: contact history, detailed contact history, and response history tables
    • For Interact: detailed contact history and response history tables
  • The name of the audience key column or columns for this audience level
  • A short two- or three-letter code to represent the name of the audience level. You use this code when you specify the table or view names for the new reporting schema.