How to customize and create Cognos reports for HCL Marketing Software applications

You can create your own reports and customize the example reports to include your custom data. From Cognos® Connection, you can configure options for the reports, schedule them to run at regular times, and use Report Studio to customize them.

Consult the following sources when you are planning and implementing your reports:

  • The user's guides for your HCL® Marketing Software applications include short descriptions of all reports in the HCL Marketing Software reports package for that product.
  • The HCL Marketing Software reports packages provide reference documentation that describes the specifications of each report in the pack and the Framework Manager metadata model that supports the reports. You can find the reference documentation in the reports package installation directory, under <ReportsPackInstallationDirectory>/cognos11/<Product>Docs.

    For example, the HCL Marketing Software Campaign reports package documentation is in the Reports Pack installation directory under /IBM/IMS/ReportsPackCampaign/cognos11/CampaignDocs.

    Examine these documents before you customize a model or a report. Be sure that you understand how a report is constructed before you modify it.

  • For detailed documentation about creating and editing HCL® Cognos BI reports, see the HCL Cognos BI documentation, especially the HCL Cognos BI Report Studio Professional Authoring User Guide.
  • For information about report styles, see Formats for the Cognos reports.
  • For information about customizing Marketing Operations reports, see the Marketing Operations Administration Guide.