How to customize the HCL Cognos Model

When you customize an HCL® Marketing Software reporting schema to include additional metrics, attributes, or audience levels and then modify the reporting view or tables that are based on that schema, you must also edit the IBMHCL® Cognos® BI model.

Use the HCL Cognos Framework Manager features to query the views or tables and import the additional items into the data model.

The way you update the Cognos model depends on the changes you made in the HCL Marketing Software reporting views or tables:

  • If you modified existing views by adding columns for attributes, metrics, or response types, import the new columns by updating the query object that represents the associated view.
  • If you modified the over time variations for performance or runtime reports or if you created new reporting schemas for additional audience levels, you have added new views. In this case, use the Framework Manager MetaData Wizard to import the views into the data model.

The following topics provide examples that you can use as guidelines for when you customize the Cognos model. For more information, see the HCL Cognos BI Framework Manager User Guide and the Framework Manager online help.