Upgrade prerequisites

Before you upgrade your version of HCL® Marketing Software reports, you must complete specific tasks.

User with ReportsSystem role

When you are upgrade from version 8.x, a user with the ReportsSystem role may exist already. If you need to configure this reporting user, see Configuring a user with the ReportsSystem role.

Upgrade requirements for HCL Cognos® BI

You must upgrade your version of HCL Cognos BI to the version that is supported for the report packs that you are installing. See the HCL Marketing Software Recommended Software Environments and Minimum System Requirements document for more information about the supported HCL Cognos BI version.

For help with this task, see the HCL Cognos BI documentation.

After you upgrade Cognos, complete the Cognos configuration tasks that are described in the installation chapter of this guide.

Back up requirements for Cognos model and report archive

On the HCL Cognos BI system, make sure the following tasks are complete:

  • Back up the model subdirectory: Locate the application model that is installed by the HCL Marketing Software reports package installers, and copy the entire model subdirectory to create a backup.
  • Use the export deployment specification feature in Cognos Connection to create a backup of the application reports archive. Export the entire content store.
  • Delete the old models and folders from the Cognos user interface. Do not delete them from the file directory structure or from Cognos Framework Manager.

Additional requirements for eMessage reports

See Prerequisites for eMessage Reports for additional requirements for eMessage reports.